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Stratus Rain Clouds

Just three Latin words reveal the meanings of most cloud names: Stratus meaning layer; cumulus, the word for lump or heap; and cirrus, which means wispy or curly. Add to this basic group the word nimbus, which means ‘pouring down rain,’ alto, the word meaning middle, and fracto for broken and you’ve got almost the entire sky covered.
Cloud formations have always been a subject of interest to me so if I see a formation I like, I add it to my image library. Shooting clouds is really not technically difficult unless your shooting well after the sun goes down. You might need a tripod and a fast enough shutter speed to stop their movement. I personally use a 24mm lens because there is so much going on in a cloud formation and I don’t like to leave anything out of the frame. Grab your camera, point it toward the clouds, press the shutter, and your bound to get a good shot every once in a while. No worries, the clouds will always make you look like you know what your doing!
The cloud formation below that I posted is a formation of clouds from the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha.

Fair Weather Cumulus

Fair Weather Cumulus





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  1. Margaret says:

    Just was sifting through Ryans Facebook and came on to your web site. Wonderfully impressive. Thanking god I have seen some of those places and greatfully you have continued to expand your talents. Very impressed sell those images!

    • Dick Berry says:

      Thank you for the comment-I have been busy and have not posted in some time-plus I am working on getting a new blog/website together. Check back and maybe I will have a new site with new content.

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