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May 2, 2010

Orchard Blooms

Jan.11, 2010

Abstract Ice

The Solitaire Pine image below was taken with a Nikon CoolPix 995.  I was pretty excited when I received this camera as a gift from my wife. I was on my way to fame and fortune with this sweet little package. The specs on this camera were impressive at the time and it got good reviews from dpreview at this link:  It had a  3.34 megapixel, 1.13 inch, high-density CCD delivering images as high as 2,048 x 1,536 pixels (including a 3:2 aspect ratio, 2,048 x 1,360 pixel size). Well it was a start and we all have to begin somewhere.

Nikon CoolPix 995

Nikon CoolPix 995

Pretty good quality and yes there was some post processing done in Photoshop and LR. It was shot down in my ravine just behind my home. Winter hit pretty hard and fast as far as temperatures were concerned. Winter has a way of creeping up on us in Michigan. Teasing us, and pulling us off guard to the point of talking ourselves into thinking it’s going to be an easy winter! At least this is what happens to me. Get out and shoot, even if it’s in your own back yard!

Solitaire Pine

Solitary Pine

Last Days of Fall

Last Days of Fall

Grand Mere Frame Test _No Boarder-0060 copy_125dpi

Inland Lake of Grand Mere State Park

_DSC0074 copy

Sailing into the Sunset

What does the end of August mean to you? Getting your kids back to school or maybe yourself. Trying to finish up projects around your home that you have been meaning to do all summer, but had just one more thing to do before you got to the one you really wanted to do. Does it remind you of how fast time really seems to just slip by and another changing season is right at our back door. I can feel it in the air, and even smell that fall is approaching with winter not to far behind. For me it’s all of what I have just asked plus the fact that we are headed into another Michigan winter. Living on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan winters can become long and sometimes downright depressing-if you let the weather get to you. Winter has it’s own beauty but you have to be willing to get out and find it. Since this is the last day of August for most of us in North America I wanted to post what I would call Sailing into the Sunset and the last great day of summer! This image was captured from Lions Park Beach in Saint Joseph, Michigan. I would consider this to be in my Backyard since it’s only a few miles from home. Hope all of you reading this had a great summer and are looking forward to your fall and approaching winter season. This image was posted August 31, 2009 at around 10:10PM EST.

I recently added another image to my post titled Outside of Michigan which can be viewed by going to this link
The title of the image is Dominate Sea Stack and if anyone has visited this area in Washington you will recognize this formation. Second Beach is where you will find this awe inspiring piece of rock.

The shot below is  another one of my “Backyard Captures” which was taken in the early spring. This shot always reminds me of some sort of insect which I have yet to make a comparison to. Any thoughts on this are welcome. I have watched this particular branch every season and have shot it in the late spring, fall, and winter. At this point I think my chances are gone because it no longer looks the same. Again look in your “Backyard” for opportunities and I think you will find something no matter how small or big your “Backyard” is!


Spring Thaw


Snapping Turtle

Baby Snapper or in Latin terms Chelydra serpentina is what my son is holding. I am not a zoology student or for that matter Steve Erwin so your better off visiting University Michigan’s Museum of Zoology.
The reason for putting this little snapper up on my blog is the fact that I found it in my own backyard. Not in some far away place that you think you need to be to get great photography. This shot is not going to win any awards, or get me recognized as being one of the great nature shooters of all time. The point is look hard enough and you will find an image worth taking! Good luck and keep shooting! Almost forgot that you should tread lightly as you drive down the roads because these snappers are looking for water or looking for a place to lay their eggs. If you find one crossing the road help it out, but keep your eye on the traffic when doing so!

Originally when I started this blog I wanted to showcase images that literally came from my own backyard. Most of the images on my blog were taken around the state of Michigan and beyond, but these captures of the female raccoon and her kit were taken right out my backdoor. She will pop up from time to time to to get some breathing room and let her kit nurse at the same time. The mother comes down at dusk to feed off of sunflower seeds from our feeder plus empty most of the seed out of the feeder every evening. I kept wondering how the heck the birds were eating all the seed every day. Now I know! My lens of choice for the shot was my Nikon AF-S VR-70-200mm 1:2.8G. This has got to be one of Nikon’s best zoom lenses and if you want to know more go to or for that matter straight to the manufacture.


Female Raccoon and Young


Female and Kit


Female Raccoon

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