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North Pier Details

How often do you photograph the scene as a whole and call it good after that? My wife would describe me as someone who shoots for the detail in a shot. If you break down a single shot you can come away with a multitude of other images that tell even more of the story. While shooting the North Pier Lighthouse in Saint Joseph, Michigan I am always looking for smaller vignettes that tie in with the original overall shot.

Images from the Pier

New image from the North Pier looking at the Outer Lighthouse was taken before the temperatures took a climb and melted what your looking at. It was really amazing to be out on the pier at sunset and witness all these formations, and how it transforms the pier into a completely different environment.  I actually like shooting the pier in the winter because it’s constantly changing.  The North Pier will never look the same in a 24 hour period in the winter months.