3 Masters

I was fortunate enough to attend the Masters of Nature Photography Seminar in San Francisco on Nov. 9-11, 2012.
Being the procrastinator that I can be, I am finally getting around to report what I learned, and tell you a little more about what they have accomplished in their photographic career.
The MASTERS were Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, and Tom Mangelsen. Lets face it, getting to be in the same room with one of these guys is great, but all 3 of them is rare. so the time and money to get together with them was well worth every penny and every minute.
Each one of these shooters has there own story, and their own style that is unique to the industry and at present they are all at the top of their craft with no downside in sight.
They have changed their business strategies to accommodate the ever changing economy, and being together in one room is one of them. Planning on future seminars together is one way to boost their presence to the photographic world. Can you imagine going to Africa with all of them or the Antarctic? Man what a dream for me to be able to do this. The last I heard was that Tom Mangelsen was going to Africa in February for about 10 days. I personally spoke with him during a break and he told me to give him a call to find out more about his upcoming trip to Africa. I felt important at that very moment!
Frans, Art, and Tom all have numerous books out and between all three of them it would be in the hundreds. I purchased one book from each at the seminar and picking out just one from these guys was extremely challenging for me. I am glad I did make the purchase that weekend because each one of them signed my books. If you bought a book they were there to shake your hand, thank you for attending, and were genuinely appreciative of you making the trip to sit and listen to them talk about their beginning and how they got to the top.
Photographers all have their own style and what they like to shoot and that is definitely noticeable when looking at the images produced by Art, Tom, and Frans.

Art Wolfe has been shooting for 30+ years and his style of shooting has changed throughout the years. He loves to take the ordinary and pull the abstract out that the average person would not even see.
Art recently finished and published his book titled “The Human Canvas” http://humancanvasproject.com/book The Human Canvas took an immense amount of work, time, and collaborative effort to produce and the price reflects that effort. It’s priced at around $1000.00 but comes with 2 original prints. When the book goes on sale to the public the offer of 2 prints will not exist and will come out of your pocket. These prints are not cheap but coming from Art they are well worth the investment.
Arts work is heavily influenced by his art background and his travels around the world. He especially drew inspiration from the different cultures and people of the world to put The Human Canvas together.

Frans Lanting is Dutch, born in Rotterdam, and educated in the Netherlands. He now lives in Santa Cruz, CA and runs a studio and stock agency. He is also a National Geographic Explorer in Residence, meaning he pretty much shoots for NatGeo.
Mr. Lanting is a super story teller when it comes to photography. NatGeo is all about telling stories and when he goes on assignment it could be for 3 months or longer. In the end the hundreds if not thousands of photos he shoots, will be weaned down to about 10-15 images for whatever article he is working on.
I really can’t do this man the justice he deserves in my own words so I urge you to go to this link and learn more about him. It was truly an inspiration to listen to him, see his work, and get advice from him on how to improve yourself photographically.http://www.lanting.com/frans-lanting-nature-photographer.php

Master Tom Mangelsen was the other part of the equation and he is one of the most successful nature shooters today. At one time he had over 20 galleries nation wide, with one in Japan. The downturn in the economy forced his business to close most of them with 8 remaining and spread out around the United States. If you ever have a chance, visit one of his galleries and you will be amazed at the quality of his images, the printing, and framing that he combines to grab you as you walk through the door. My wife and I stood in line for over an hour to meet him at his gallery opening in Colorado. We purchased his book titled “The Natural World” which is printed in a panoramic format. From what Tom indicated to me is that most of the people he asked advice for before he printed the pano format book was not to do it. The book has become a great success and I personally think it’s one of the best nature books of images from around the world.
Toms pano book was all shot using a panoramic camera and film….you mean they still make the stuff?
More info on Mr. Mangelsen’s website about himself and his journey…check it out.

Closing the conference they all concluded that in order to succeed in the business of photography you need to stand out, take the ordinary and turn it into something that has not been perceived in the minds eye. Take ahold of the technology that is available today because it will enable you to take better quality images. You still need to know what your doing with your equipment and you definitely need the eye to see what others will just walk right by.

Art Wolfes book “Edge Of The Earth-Corner Of The Sky” http://store.artwolfe.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=19

Frans Lanting’s book “Penguin” http://www.lanting.com/books-posters-dvds.php

Tom Mangelsen’s book “The Natural World” http://www.mangelsen.com/store/Books___The_Natural_World___BKNATURAL?Args=

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