IAPF / International Anti-Poaching Foundation

Mission Statement

To protect and preserve wildlife in volatile regions


1. Education

Provide conservation-focused education all over the world through many mediums.

2. Research

Lead research in sustainably balanced ecosystems.

3. Leadership

Implement management systems that allow wilderness areas to remain wild.

4. Awareness

Create global awareness of environmental issues and facilitate positive participation in solutions.

Where we are based

The IAPF was started in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, after Damien Mander (founder and CEO) travelled through Southern Africa, learning and becoming passionate about finding effective methods of combatting environmental threats and the issues facing wildlife.

IAPF members spend a majority of their time in the field on various projects, regularly returning to Victoria Falls and Australia to regroup and fundraise.

Currently there are little resources available from governments to combat poaching. It is only through training, equipping and educating those on the frontline and affected communities that we can decelerate poaching.

Most of the IAPF training academies are based just outside the Falls on 5000 hectares of land, amidst abundant wildlife. Eco-Ranger, the second IAPF academy, is located on the edge of Kruger National Park in South Africa.

A voluntary administrative network in Australia, Europe and Africa manage the majority of administrative duties.

How we are funded

Damien Mander had a military career of 9 years, 3 years of which were spent in Iraq.

After witnessing the widespread poaching of endangered animals and environmental destruction in Africa, he invested his life savings – including the sale all investment properties – to fund the start up and running costs of the IAPF.

In 2010, Damien’s long-time best mate, former soldier Steven Dean, sold up all his assets, donated the proceeds to the IAPF and moved to Africa to help with the struggle.

Africa is now the frontline for Damien and Steve.

Over the past few years the IAPF has held the Raw for Africa Music Festival, raising funds to continue our vital campaigns.

The IAPF is also funded through public donations, grants and fundraising activities.

Aims of the Website

Create awareness
The problem of poaching is extensive. The IAPF shows the public the primary issues facing the regions we are currently helping and our plans for the future – and we show how the public can help.

Provide a platform for change
Many topics and projects highlighted on the website are third world issues, in places where governments are unable to devote the resources required to challenge hard-line poachers. The foundation understands the issue of poaching goes much deeper than the battles taking place on the frontline and seeks to educate and create sustainable infrastructure within communities affected by poaching.

The IAPF is the only organisation where donations make an immediate difference to dwindling wildlife numbers.

Provide a place to request assistance
Only through training, equipping and educating those on the frontline and affected communities can we decelerate poaching until governments intervene with more resources, alternative funding methods and tougher regulations and penalties for poachers.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting and discuss how we can assist you.


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