Time has basically exploded back into reality for me and procrastination, day dreaming of getting back to Africa, looking at 30,000+ images and having a hard time sorting through them all. You ask why would I have a hard time doing so….I really don’t like the organization of that many files. Deciding which images are […]

Image Detail

My original intention for starting this post was to allow the viewer to see that within every shot there are a multitude of smaller detail or vignette shots. I am big on detail and I always look for more images within the bigger picture so to speak. Walking away from the main shot you set out to capture is fine but your giving up a multitude of other images. Sometimes in the long run your detail image will turn out better then the original overall shot.

North Pier Details

How often do you photograph the scene as a whole and call it good after that? My wife would describe me as someone who shoots for the detail in a shot. If you break down a single shot you can come away with a multitude of other images that tell even more of the story. While shooting the North Pier Lighthouse in Saint Joseph, Michigan I am always looking for smaller vignettes that tie in with the original overall shot.

Images from the Pier

New image from the North Pier looking at the Outer Lighthouse was taken before the temperatures took a climb and melted what your looking at. It was really amazing to be out on the pier at sunset and witness all these formations, and how it transforms the pier into a completely different environment.  I actually like shooting the pier in the winter because it’s constantly changing.  The North Pier will never look the same in a 24 hour period in the winter months.

Backyard Captures

I was pretty excited when I received a Nikon CoolPix 995 as a gift from my wife. I was on my way to fame and fortune with this sweet little package. The specs on this camera were impressive at the time and it got good reviews from Dpreview.

Red Rock Country

If anyone visiting my blog has been to Arizona you will know where I am referring to and why it’s called Red Rock Country. The environment is awe inspiring and extremely harsh at the same time.

Outside of Michigan

16 weeks ago I posted this image and received some very nice comments from some of my friends. Last night when I was checking my blog this image was gone, vanished into thin air. Also the image below showing the Turnagain Arm no longer had a thin boarder around it like my other shots! Now […]


Just three Latin words reveal the meanings of most cloud names: Stratus meaning layer; cumulus, the word for lump or heap; and cirrus, which means wispy or curly. Add to this basic group the word nimbus, which means ‘pouring down rain,’ alto, the word meaning middle, and fracto for broken and you’ve got almost the entire sky covered.

Random Images

Decided to add some random images that feel a little warmer. Nothing in particular and nothing necessarily having to pertain to winter since I’m getting a little tired of it. For the past 3 years my wife and I have gone to Mexico to escape the endless Michigan winters. We both decided to stay home […]